The IDR Difference

Changing the game by
leveling the playing field.

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Data-Driven Performance

Human touch without
the human error.

IDR is the only company that has the technology to create a true private real estate index fund. Our proprietary digital tools allow us to analyze real estate investment data unlike ever before. But don’t think for a second that this is a “set it and forget it” model. Our people are constantly analyzing data and tweaking technology to improve performance quarter after quarter. There is always a human working to optimize the technology.

Complete Transparency

Know exactly where
your money goes.

Up until this point, real estate investments have largely been built on trust. You have to trust that your manager is doing the best job with your money possible. Because after you hand it over, it’s up to them what happens next. Maybe you’re cool with that. Maybe they do a great job. But for our money? We’d rather see exactly where it goes. With our index, you have complete transparency. You can always see where your money is invested and how it’s performing against the market.

Reduced Volatility

No guesswork.
Just work.

There’s a place in a portfolio for high risk, high return real estate investments. It’s just not our place. Our index was developed to reduce volatility and deliver consistent market returns. WIth our data-driven approach, we eliminate the guesswork from investing and work tirelessly to optimize performance quarter after quarter so you can get the reliable income your clients need.

Easy Onboarding

ODCE, as easy
as 123.

We understand why you might be gun-shy about real estate. Whenever you’re dipping your toe into a new market, you want to make sure you have all the information you need before you commit to an investment. But if you’re expecting to have to do months of market research followed by a laborious onboarding process, you’ve got it all wrong. With IDR’s proprietary technology, we’ve got all the data you need to see to feel confident about your investment. And with our innovative tools, enrollment takes minutes, not months.

Are you ready for Income through innovation?

If you’re looking for a durable source of income, there’s no better place to start than IDR. Using data-driven, proprietary technology, we’ve created a true private real estate index fund that delivers market returns on a consistent basis. The future of real estate investing, is harnessing the power of the market today.

Indexing the Impossible™

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