IDR Investment Management LLC, a registered investment advisor, is a subsidiary of USAA Real Estate, one of the industry’s premier real estate investment firms. As an investment management firm, IDR is focused on private real estate strategies and currently has over $3.4 billion in assets under management.

Gary Zdolshek

Chief Executive Officer

GarreTt Zdolshek

Portfolio Manager

Brian Thomas

Director of Analytics

David Hofmann

Investment Management

Tom Bartos

Chief Financial Officer

Angela Cooper


Trevor Ashmun


Gio Tramonto


Rachel McGuire

Senior Accountant

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Insights and Research

Why Private Real Estate?

Why Private Real Estate?

When investing in real estate, a critical element to consider is to know what you own and own what you need. Further, private real estate investing is not as simple as just buying private real estate assets, and is much more nuanced than traditional investments like...

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The Four Quadrants of Real Estate Investing

The Four Quadrants of Real Estate Investing

Registered investment advisors are consistently challenged with designing client portfolios that deliver sufficient returns while minimizing risk. This often requires finding alternative investment opportunities that will perform well under the different market...

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